Iswarya Fertility center offers Surrogacy to couples who may need it. All our 4 hospitals at Chennai , Coimbatore , Madurai & Palani have a comprehensive Surrogacy IVF program. Transparent cost structure for surrogacy treatment.

We provide complete surrogacy services from searching for a potential surrogate mother to delivery of Baby. We run one of the biggest and successful Surrogacy program in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Palani. All our centers provide accomodation for Surrogate mothers during their entire stay till delivery of the baby. We take care of legal documentation and other aspects of Surrogacy.

We have successfully delivered more than 100 surrogate babies making us the 1st in Tamil Nadu, India.

Steps in Surrogacy treatment ? Iswarya Fertility center

Initial Visit

  • Meet the Coordinator to discuss the Surrogate Mother Program

  • Search for surrogate mothers

  • Freeze sperm

  • Sign agreements/contracts for the surrogacy Program through independent lawyers

Intended Parent Preparation

  • Plan IVF Schedule

  • Plan egg retrieval for patient or egg donor

Surrogate Mother Preparation

Surrogate Mother Preparation for Embryo Transfer / Frozen Embryo Transfer


  • Pregnancy test

  • Prenatal care

  • Delivery

  • Final legal paperwork (i.e. birth certificate)